WE HAVE CONSTRUCTION! It’s only a matter of a few months and we are going to be cruising on our
new trail! Congratulations, Boscobel….WE DID IT!
So fundraising continues, and fun events abound! Our goal is to sell 800 chicken BBQ dinners for
Sunday, July 3rd at Kronshage Park. Tickets are $10/person and include Rooster Andy’s ½ chicken, potato
salad, baked beans, roll, drink, and desserts donated (so far!) from:
Mrs. B’s Bakery, Piggly Wiggly, Kim
Kazda, Sunny Jerrett, Timber Lane Coffee Shop,
Joan Atkinson, Jo Sommers, Karen Leonard,
and Darla Karasek!
We also need volunteers for that date, so if you want to have fun, please contact us to let us
know you’re in! We will have a DJ and other events going on throughout the day.
Times have changed this year. Since it’s on a Sunday,
we will start at 11:00-3:00 pm, and have deliveries from 10:30-2:30pm.
Tickets are on sale at Krachey’s BP, Casey’s, Community First Bank,
Cenex, Clare Bank, and Peoples State Bank.
We have a circus coming to town with 90-minute shows at 5 and 7:30 on Thursday, August 11th
 Therewill be the usual big top events (lions and &gers, NO bears!), and a clown coming to town a week prior to
the event to stop in at the swimming pool and library! Tickets are $7.00 for kids and seniors, and $10 for
adults prior to the day of the event. Check out the circus website at www.cmcircus.com.
Area businesses will have tickets on sale soon. We’ll let you know what businesses and where, as soon as the tickets arrive. The morning of the circus, at 9:30 am, there will be a free viewing and tour of the big top
as it is raised for the event. Feel free to stop in that morning.
We hope you’re enjoying the start of summer, and look forward to bringing these fun summer events to Boscobel.
Thank You For YOUR Continued Support!

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