Wisconsin River Trail
Construction Phase 1

Construction of Phase 1 Began on June 1, 2016 and was completed on November 6, 2016 thanks to the combined efforts of the City of Boscobel Street Department workers, City of Boscobel, WRTO Board, volunteers and State supporters.

The following photos show the timeline of progress throughout the weeks leading to it's completion.

June 6, 2016: Construction barricades are up and work begins! To say we are excited it an understatement!

June 8, 2016: Shoulder work completed and prepping for curb.

July 1, 2016: Curb complete. Guard rail up. Blacktop down. (8-foot wide trail will be on other side of guard rail)

July 21, 2016: The wall is looking great! Thank to our city municipal crew/workers!

With the DNR, DOT, City of Boscobel, WRTO, and our engineer this final design met the needs of all the regulations and left us with a beautiful view of nature and full hearts.

October 5: Rain, rain go away! We were finally able to keep moving forward. Look at the connection to our community!

November 2016, A local youngster is shown here riding his pedal tractor on the paved trail to the boat landing.

The finishing touches were placed in the Spring of 2017, including duck hunting gates for access to the waterway. The wooden fence compliments the views and if you take a walk and look out, you’ll see an eagle’s nest and a beautiful sunset over our Driftless wetlands.
View of the Wisconsin Riverway over a split rail fence and a hill in the background.

Other Phases of the Trail


In this phase we’ll create a hiking/biking trail that leads from Boscobel toward Woodman.

It is economically and environmentally- friendly to parallel parts of the railroad tracks, 51 feet from the tracks, to minimize the need to clear land, and also, to widen easements that are not taxing to the landowners.


Phase 3 will bring the trail from Wauzeka to Boscobel along the scenic path of Highway 60, which closely follows the beautiful Wisconsin River.

Get ready to enjoy even more breathtaking views and a seamless trail experience from start to finish!


The highlight of our trail will be a magnificent feat: a crossing over the Wisconsin River. This picturesque location features stunning country and river views, providing a unique opportunity to admire nature’s beauty that was previously only accessible by boat.

Get ready for a breathtaking experience on the Wisconsin River Trail!

We're looking forward to meeting you on the trail with a smile and a friendly 'Hello'.

Learn about who we are and how we are connecting the driftless communities of Boscobel, Woodman, and Wauzeka to the lower Wisconsin riverway.

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We are a volunteer led organization for the community

Without the help of our volunteers and supporters, we wouldn’t be where are today. 

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We are a volunteer led organization for the community

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From Taste of Boscobel to live Music Events, our goal is to foster togetherness and a sense of community while raising funds to build the trail.

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